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Start Your Diet Plan

How to start with your Ketogen Diet.

In my opinion there are three main steps to following a Keto diet.
1) Do your research. Read articles, watch documentaries, go to conferences to learn about it and do your research.
2) Decide on a plan and stick to it.
3) Start your Diet.

1) Do your research

You need to read articles and watch documentaries about Keto diets. Make sure you read as much as you can at about Keto and all that it can do for your health and body. Read documentaries just for fun just to get a deeper understanding of the Ketogenic diet and how it works. You must have enough knowledge about keto to do it safely and effectively.

2) Decide on a plan

The plan you choose must be Ketogenic. It just must be the one you want to stick to. A person can do a Keto diet, and eat only low carbohydrates and low in protein and still be not Ketogenic. You must have a plan that suits YOU and your lifestyle. If you want to eat a lot of low carb foods that are not Keto, that’s great. You must have a plan to cope with it but you still must stick to the Ketogenic Plan for it to be safe for you.

3) Start your diet

Start with a low carb breakfast of yogurt, some low carb meat, and cereal, and low fat yogurt. You must eat some low carb food every day just to fuel you up for the day. You eat a lot of low fat foods like bread, cheese, pasta etc. because low carb foods are low in carbohydrates and fat. The plan will start off with you having a high carb breakfast, followed by a low fat lunch, lunch with low carb meat, low fat yogurt, light lunch or dinner, low carb dinner, high carb dinner.

4) Stick to the plan.

You must stick to the diet plan as long as you can. You may have days where you may eat low carb but must not stick to it. You must have days when you eat low carb and enjoy it. You enjoy low carb food because they are yummy. You must enjoy your low carbs foods.

Once you have got a good Ketogenic plan in place, you must do the following steps.

1) Start with your diet at least twice a week.
2) Try and do a small workout during your daily diet.
3) Eat low carb snacks at key moments.
4) Have a good dinner and snack with low carb.
5) Eat a glass of red wine or black coffee when you are really hungry.
6) Try and include a couple of low carb sources in your food.
7) Start a Ketogenic forum to celebrate your progress.
8) If you have tried and failed on the low carb plan before, then try and do a whole day of low carb like one day in a week.
9) Eat a few eggs and cheese or have fish and pasta on a non ketogenic day.
10) Have some low carb meat and bread everyday.
11) Don’t do any strenuous exercise.
12) Remember that you can always start again a little lighter next time.
13) Stick to the plan and enjoy it!

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I am a 38 year old man and live alone. For many years I had problems losing weight but then I decided to try the Keto Diet. I have successfully lost 19 pounds.

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